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A female super-spy and a mad Overlord organize a circle of Smugglers, Soldiers and Space Pirates to fight a strange new horror crossing into our dimension.


..."Good work...David." Lourdes said, and then she was gone.

Cicero froze, she had used Omm's ancient human name. He dared not look, but he knew Omm's eyes would be as cold and hopeless as a billion graves. If Cicero had looked then he would have not seen the face of a Greek demigod, but the blank and shocked sadness of an ordinary man looking out across the years at a grim and terrible sin. In the ravaged eyes, he would have also seen a frighteningly icy determination for redemption.

Cicero began the power down sequence of the gate and prepared his sentience to be transferred back to Deneb IV. Curious about the empath, he accessed the man's writings that were recorded in the Hive mind libraries. Apparently, he preferred to work in ruins, as ordinary living company constantly assailed the poor soul with every thought of anyone within a hundred feet. He closed out of the library impressed with the man's depth of work, including his poetry-one phrase lodged in his mind as particularly fitting of the evening he spied on his at the ruins of the New Galen starport:


An Empath? It's a thing that rolls in ashes

Dreams in shadow lands

Drinks toasts with the dead

Hears their shocked tears with each turning

of derelict worlds spinning celestial threads

Crying "Gone, gone, all... is...gone"

-Winteroud Sole, Caldris


Making his way back through the Gateway to Deneb IV, he turned and took a last look at New Galen through the hyper portal. There, a different starscape, and a different world filled the ring. The sudden change in reference shocked him; from a dead world to a live one, like a new target in the lens. Whatever could make the Overlords cringe in terror? World destroyers, they were. World destroyers in fear of something that destroyed not worlds, but galaxies full of minds.


A global consortium of brilliant misfits.